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Clarify your message, create powerful explainer videos, get the attention you deserve.

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Most brands in the web3 space struggle to explain what they do and why. That really hurts their growth.

Hypercube helps you tell your story by turning it into powerful explainer videos that get your project the attention it deserves.

How powerful explainer videos help web3 projects



Provide a clear narrative that users can easily understand and identify with. They know how to talk about your project, turning them into evangelists for your brand.



Storytelling is the most effective way to communicate and build excitement. Become the project that everyone tweets about, climb up the market cap rankings, attract the top partnerships, and get the attention you deserve.



A home for the rebels, the artists, the visionaries.

A thriving community that grows organically because they are invited into your brand’s story.

Can you afford to use bad content?

  7. Damage your brand

    Damage your brand

  8. Waste time and budget

    Waste time and budget

  9. Fail to raise funds

    Fail to raise funds

  10. Attract only low quality of bounty hunters

    Attract only low quality of bounty hunters

  11. ’When Binance’ instead of army of evangelists

    ’When Binance’ instead of army of evangelists

  12. Fail to attract new users

    Fail to attract new users

Amateur hour is over.

Get your project the attention it deserves.

What we do

Not just cool videos. Since 2014.

  • Attract investors
    Attract investors

    Attract investors

    Our videos have helped hundreds of crypto projects raise over $1 billion USD collectively through seed rounds, IDOs, ICOs and pre-sales.

  • Maximize efficiency
    Maximize efficiency

    Maximize efficiency

    Brand messaging curated by experts ensures your project will be understood and embraced by those who matter most - your end users.

  • Empower communities
    Empower communities

    Empower communities

    Few things in web3 are more powerful than community members armed with a Hypercube explainer video. Prepare for organic, evangelist-led growth that shatters expectations.

  • Grow userbase
    Grow userbase

    Grow userbase

    We understand the competition for attention is fierce, and the urgency for results is dire. We’ll lighten your marketing load so you can focus on building products.

How we work

  1. Phase 1


    Clarify your story.

    It starts with a “narrative framework” workshop.
    This is all about boiling it down to the essential ingredients - how are you helping your users thrive or survive? What problems are you solving for them - what do they desire? We then show them why YOU are the one to solve this for them, which steps are involved, and what success looks like. 

    Keeping this message simple and consistent is extremely important, or you will end up confusing your audience - driving them into the arms of competing projects. We help you avoid the marketing traps that nearly every web3 project walks into. 

  2. Phase 2


    Bring your story to life.

    After we help you clarify your messaging, you’ll get a script that compels your audience to pay attention - a story that your users, community, and investors care about because it’s about THEM.
    You then receive a detailed video plan, including designs and storyboards. Once you approve, our designers, motion artists, voice actors, and sound designers bring your story to life with a powerful explainer video that will supercharge your marketing campaign.

  3. Phase 3



    You receive all the resources you need to leverage your new video content. 

    Our team of professionals is at your disposal for personalized consulting. We use our multiple years of crypto experience to assist you with channel distribution and running cost-effective ads. 
    Our top priority is ensuring you receive maximum return on investment from your fabulous new video and make it the cornerstone of your marketing efforts.

Our promise to you



Everything we create is unique, done with a passion for the crypto industry and love for our craft. We never compromise on quality - please don’t ask us to!



We care about the details. We make sure we understand what you need. This personal attention is what sets us apart from other marketing agencies in this space.



We’re always open and direct. That means we might say “nope” to some of your ideas ;)



No hidden charges, no licensing, and no fine print. You fully own everything we produce for you. Use it as you like.



We’re flexible with payment schedules, accept stablecoins and (some times) your tokens.

Ready to begin?

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  • As we have multiple ecosystem participants and multiple facets to our business, it was critical to explain these in an educational yet entertaining manner. Hypercube went above and beyond to not only promote our entire ecosystem in a 90 second video, but make it very easy to understand in a compelling and engaging animated video. It has helped us secure investors, customers and potential clients. Hypercube is amazing to work with.

    - Eric Vogel, co-founder, Circularr

We’ve helped the industry’s best.

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