In Memory of Joeri Pross

In Memory of Joeri Pross

Hypercube Founder, fearless captain of Starship Hypercube, and dearly beloved friend Joeri Pross passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, 30th August.

Meeting Joeri changed our lives. From the moment we met him, we knew we weren’t talking to a “boss” but someone who would become a great friend and partner.

He believed in us at times when we didn’t value or believe in ourselves, and when the world made us doubt, big brother Joeri was there with strong words of encouragement and always had a plan.

Joeri repeatedly showed clients that he believed in them, too – often accepting tokens as payment instead of dollars, at great personal risk. It was hard not to admire him for this. And, he often shared these tokens with the entire team, without any prompting or expectation of being paid back.

Joeri helped us define what it means to be generous. Not "generous with an agenda" but true, open generosity.

Joeri’s open-hearted, open-door policy made it safe for us to talk about anything, anytime, no holds barred. Never one to sugar-coat, Joeri was proud of his “Dutch bluntness” – yet there was never a time we left a chat with him and didn’t feel better afterwards.

Joeri helped us fulfill dreams that wouldn't have been possible without him. He has made all of us better people.

And, Joeri has shown again and again how to run a business effectively while demonstrating unwavering loyalty to his people, all the while being an excellent, devoted father and husband.

Joeri Pross strove to make the world a better place. And he succeeded.

If you had a personal interaction with Joeri that marked you in any way, please be so kind as to share it with us so we can pass it along to his family.

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